Brochure developed by “Altweltkamele e.V.” (status: December 2017)
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Basic rules of handling are calm, patience, and absence of violence or pain.
In the wild, camels show almost no intraspecific aggression. Only exceptions are certain behavioural traits surrounding their reproductive period. Furthermore, free ranging camels have a hierachy not based on agonistic interactions, i.e. a high-ranking camel does not fight for its position within the herd. Leaders of the group are always and uncontested the older, most experienced camels.

If we want our camels to treat us without aggression, and when we want to handle them without violence, the camels have to accept us right from the start as an experienced leading camel. Leading camels are never noisy, hectic or forcible towards the herd.

A camel which reacts towards humans aggresively is anxious and therefore not socialised with humans. Using violence under these conditions is counterproductive. A lot of time, confidence building, calm during handling, and prevention of violence and stress can help to reduce the fear and thus reduce the aggresive behaviour towards humans. Future camel owners should first have a look at experienced camel owners, get educated and collect some experience with Old World camels, before they purchase their own camels.

Keeping adult males should only be pursued when enough experience is collected by keeping females and castrated males.

In Germany, a proof of competence from the appropriate veterinary authority is needed for keeping Old World camels.